Change of address

This section explains how you can tell us about a change to your UK contact details or your legal representative's details, using our online forms.

Online updating is a fast, simple and secure way of providing this important information.

You should only use these forms if you are living in the UK or your application was made in the UK.

When completing details of dependants do not include British Citizens or any person who is not part of your application. Your new address will be your document dispatch address unless you have a representative acting on your behalf.

The fields in the forms must be completed in full. It is your responsibility to provide true and accurate information to the best of your knowledge. Your legal representative can complete the form for you, but they will need a letter of authority from you.

We will send you an acknowledgement when we receive your form. Your details will be updated within 72 hours unless we need to make further enquiries.

This process should only be used for notifiying the UK Border Agency of your change of details or change of legal representative.

If you send your new address or representative details to us by post, you will not receive a confirmation when we receive your request. We aim to update your details within 72 hours of receipt.